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Cristofori Baby Grand


This exquisite high polish ebony Cristofori model CRG53L with a serial number C203960 is a brand new 5ft 3in baby grand is manufactured in 2023.

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Being the first name in piano, Cristofori brand understands the importance of high-quality materials and uses only hardwood parts produces all of its piano models compared to most of its competitors in the industry among the entry-level pianos models.
Additionally, all Cristofori models are produced utilizing Germany manufactured Roslau strings, designed specifically for pianos, and double-felted individually wire-reinforced piano hammers, which contributes to both the beauty of sound and the longevity of the instrument.
More than that, Cristofori grand pianos have even more exquisite features that enhance any pianist’s experience found only in more expensive larger piano models. For a perfectly seated hammer strike for each note every time, Cristofori grand pianos have special guides called agraffes attached to the iron plate. To produce a more resonant and singing tone in the mid to upper ranges of piano, Cristofori grands include a Duplex Scale that precisely tunes the end section of the strings near where they attach to the plate to vibrate sympathetically with the string speaking length compared to frequently used felt to reduce unwanted dissonance in lesser pianos.
This Cristofori 5ft 3in baby grand piano has an elegantly designed wide-tail rip that creates a larger soundboard and longer strings, which is important to produce exceptional tone and projection. This feature creates a unique opportunity to enjoy a grand piano in its fullness in a compact space.
As a result of this art of woodworking and piano craftsmanship, Cristofori pianos are an excellent choice for home and education institutions.


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