Piano Tuning

Tuning Frequency

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How Often?

How often you tune is usually determined by how long you can handle playing the piano once you notice it’s out of tune.

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How long?

If you can’t really tell, you can afford to go longer between tunings. As a general rule of thumb, however, new pianos need to be tuned a few times within the first year. Older pianos benefit from being tuned every six months to two years.

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Rule Of Thumb

It is also recommended that you wait to tune your piano 3 – 4 weeks after it’s been moved. If you tune the piano right away, you run the risk of it simply going out of tune again once it fully adjusts to its new environment.

How We Do

A-1 Piano can help with your tuning needs. Tunings start at $155.00 (more for travel costs) and include minor repairs to the action, such as sticking or clicking keys or fixing a squeaky or broken pedal. 

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